Roles and Permissions

When you  create or edit a user, you may need to restrict the access rights which the user is assigned.  User roles provide a simple way to control the level of account access each user has, helping you to protect your publication.

Roles Explained

There are five roles that can be assigned to a user in Canvasflow. These range from the  Master role which provides full system access, to the more restricted Proofreader role. 

Understanding the correct role to assign to a user is an important decision when adding users.  Below we detail each of the different default roles, along with an overview of the level of access each role offers. 

Master - The person who first signs up for a Canvasflow account is typically the account owner and is automatically assigned the  Master  role. 
The master role offers complete access and any user which is assigned this role is able to view all publications that exist within the account. If you need to pass ownership to another team member, you can either transfer it within your account or send us an email. 
Administrator - The Administrator role offers a user the same rights as the Master role but is  relative to the publication they are a member of.  Administrators are not able to createdelete or assign users to publications to which they are not an administrator of.  Administrators will only see publications they have been assigned to by the master user.

Editor - The Editor role is able to perform all the core actions needed to manage an existing publication including publishing content changes but is not able to create or manage new publications.

Contributor - This role is designed to enable internal or external contributors to create and contribute to existing articles.  Users assigned with this role are able to make content changes and perform basic article admin but cannot download and publish content or perform destructive actions like such as deleting articles or issue issue.  They also have no access to a publications settings. 

Proofreader -  This is the most heavily restricted role, designed to enable users to access existing articles, make content changes and save, however they are not able to add new components to an article.  A user assigned a proofreader role is unable to create, delete or publish articles, access account settings or manage other users information.

Role Overview

The below table provides a top level overview of which rights each role offers.

  Master Administrator Editor Contributor Proofreader
Full Account Access - - - -
View All Publications - - - -
Create Publication - - - -
Delete Publication - - -
Publication Settings - - -
Manage Users - - -
Create Issue - -
Edit Issue - -
Delete Issue - -
Style Manager - -
Template Manager - -
Publish Article - -
Publish All Articles - -
Change Article Style - -
Unpublish Article - -
Create Article -
Edit Article Metadata -
Move Article -
Hide Article - -
Reorder Article -
Duplicate Article -
Download Article - -
Delete Article - -
Create PDF - -
Add Article Components -
Create Twixl Collection -
Create Twixl Content Item -
Send Push Notification - -
Update Staging Feed - -
Send Issue to Production - -
Make Content Changes
Save Content
Re-order Canvas Components
Access Support
Submit Feature Request


  1. Some user rights are publish channel dependent.  Some options will only be displayed if the publication they are working on is connected to an publish channel which supports these actions.

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