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Creating an article

The Article Manager is where all your articles can be found, it's the hub of your publication. 

  1. Select the '+' Icon, or the 'Create Your First Article' button to get started
  2. Fields available are:
    1. Name
    2. Description
    3. Template - Later on you'll be able to create templates to use for quick article creation but for now choose 'no template'
    4. Style - The style that will be associated to the article.  You will learn more about styles shortly but for now now select any style
  3. Once you complete the required fields, click 'Create'
  4. The new article will be displayed in the Article Manager
  5. When connected to a publishing platform, each piece of content will display it's publish-state (.e.g. unpublished, published, published but not up to date). Articles are specific to the publication they're originally created in

Adding content to an article

Canvasflow provides an intuitive content authoring tool allowing publishers to create responsive HTML5 content without the need for developers.

To populate your article with content:

  1. Select your newly created article, you'll be taken to the Article Builder

  2. On the left you'll find a list of components, from Text components such as Headline and Paragraph, to Rich Media such as Images and Video

  3. Choose a text component such as Headline/Title/Subtitle, then drag and drop onto the canvas.  Each component will display an indicator when dragged, showing where it can be dropped, useful for when dropping components between other components on the canvas
  4. Click the text component you just placed on the Canvas and start editing content

  5. Next, select an Image component and drag it onto the Canvas

  6. Select the image component by clicking anywhere on the image

  7. The image properties panel will be displayed.  This will give you the option to change the image, as well formatting the component to stretch to the edges of the canvas, adding a caption and more

Re-order, remove and resize

Content can be reordered or removed using the inline component controls to the left of each component when moused over, while more complex layouts can be created using multiple columns. All content is 100% responsive so it looks great across all devices - use the workspace manager menu to set the appropriate canvas size.

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