Managing Issues

When connected to a Pugpig publish channel, additional options are available when managing issues. 

These options are:

  • Name - The article name
  • Description - If set (and if the Pugpig app supports it) will display the issue description instead of the date for the top issue in the app. 
  • Product ID - This is the ID of the edition. This value is used for store and third party authentication (unless a product ID category is specified) This must be unique to the publication (ie. com.canvasflow.mypub.180408 (valid chars: A-Z a-z 0-9 _ - .)
  • Paid Status - Determines if the issue will be paid for or freely available.
  • Issue Date - The issue date of the edition.  The date format should be in the form of DD-MM-YYYY.
  • Promoted - Determines if an issue is promoted, out of the flow of the issue date, to the top of an app. Promoted editions are displayed at the top of the publication and ordered by manually setting their position.  If more than one issue is promoted, it is possible to drag each issue to set the order from the Issue Manager.  Any issue that is ‘promoted’ will show a banner to indicate its state.
  • Draft -  Determines if the issue will appear visible in your production app.  (This is not required if your account is using a staging app).
  • Thumbnail - Thumbnail of the cover image.  This will be used for the issue cover in both the app and the Pugpig Web reader.


  • When making changes to an issues' settings, you must update the appropriate content source for the changes to reflect in the app.

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