Pugpig articles

When connected to a Pugpig publish channel, additional options are available when creating and editing articles. These options are:

  • Show in ToC - Determines if the article will appear in the Table of Contents (ToC).  By default the article will appear in the Toc.
  • Page Type - This is optional and is used to help identify the article in analytics.  The default page type is ‘post’.
  • Category - Specifies the category name to use for sectioning the ToC.  If not specified, the standard section category will be used.

Article manager options:

In addition to the default article options, when connected to a Pugpig Publish channel, additional article controls also become available.  These controls are:
  • Hide article – This enables an article to exist but to appear hidden in both the staging or production apps.  If an article is hidden, you can make the article visible again by clicking the eye icon.
  • Duplicate - Duplicating an article has two uses:
    • Duplicate the article in the current issue. 
    • Duplicate the article and move it to a different issue.  This is useful if the same article content is required to be used over several publish cycles.

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