Publishing from Canvasflow to WordPress

Canvasflow provides a simple yet powerful way to publish articles generated in Canvasflow directly to your WordPress blog.  To setup the Canvasflow to WordPress publishing follow the steps below:

Setup the Canvasflow to WordPress Connector

  1. Download and install the Canvasflow REST Plugin
  2. Activate the plugin via the WordPress Admin dashboard

  3. Access the plugin settings.  This can be found in Settings >> Canvasflow Rest
  4. The plugin will automatically generate the details required to connect Canvasflow to your WordPress install.  Make a note of both the API Key and API Path - these will be required when setting up the WordPress channel connector in Canvasflow. 

Adding a WordPress Channel Connector

  1. From your Canvasflow account, navigate to the Publication Manager
  2. Select the appropriate Publication and access the settings
  3. Select 'Publish Channels', and create a new channel (using the '+' button)
  4. Select 'WordPress' from the list

    Complete the required fields:

    • Enter a channel name for the connector.  Typically this is the name of your WordPress blog but can be called anything you want 
    • Select CF Plugin for the connection type
    • Enter the API Key generated by the Canvasflow Rest Plugin 
    • Enter the API Path generated by the Canvasflow Rest Plugin
  5. Click 'Add Channel'.  Your publication is now connected to your WordPress blog
  6. Switch to the article manager and ensure the WordPress channel is selected.  Click the publish button on any article to publish to your WordPress blog

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