Twixl articles

When connected to a Twixl Publisher channel, additional options are available when creating and editing articles. These options are:

  • Content Type - As the Canvasflow Twixl integration supports Twixl content items, specific content items can be chosen, including PDF, MP4, Image etc.
  • Cell Style - This option allows a cell style (created within Twixl Distribution Platform) to be applied to a piece of content. More information on Twixl Cell Styles.
    • Cell style's will be displayed with the name, and the column/row structure of that style. E.g. "T: 6x3" indicates the cell style's tablet structure is 6 columns wide, 3 rows deep. "P" refers to Phone.

Article manager options

In addition to the default article options, when connected to a Twixl channel, additional article controls also become available. These controls are:

  • Metadata - Allowing options to edit the Author, Tagline, Category and Social Text
  • Duplicate - Duplicate an article or content item
  • Move - Move an article or content item into a collection or different issue

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