Pasting content from external source

When pasting content from an external source (such as Microsoft Word or InDesign), you may notice that some content appears formatted in an undesirable way.  For example, text may appear in the wrong colour, or have an undesired background colour applied.

This occurs because the content being pasted includes inline styling markup such as font size, font style, colour and / or other attributes.

The Canvasflow editor performs a number of background checks to help prevent inline styling from affecting the presentation of your content.  However, there are some inline styles it is not possible for the system to override, because it is possible to apply these styles via the Canvasflow content toolbar.

There are two ways to prevent / handle this situation:

Pasting plain content

This is the recommended method for pasting content into Canvasflow.  This process ensures pasted content  does not include any inline formatting. This ensures only the associated Canvasflow style will control how the content appears.

To paste as plain content:

  1. Ensure appropriate text component is placed onto Canvas
  2. Copy the content from the source
  3. In Canvasflow, right click and select 'Paste and match style' if using Mac, or 'Paste as plain text' if using Windows

    1. Windows keyboard shortcut: CTRL+Shift+V
    2. OSX/Safari keyboard: Option+Shift+CMD+V (Learn how to Set 'Paste and Match Style' as Default on Mac)
  4. Save the article or continue to work as normal

Remove inline formatting

If pasting plain content is not possible or if content has already been pasted, it’s possible to ‘clean' or remove inline formatting. To do this:

  1. Select / highlight the offending content
  2. Click the 'remove formatting' button on the toolbar

  3. All inline mark-up will be removed
  4. Save the article or continue to work as normal

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