Duplicating an Article-Based Publication

Duplicating a brand (or publication) is a quick and simple way to reuse existing content or styles as the new basis for a new brand. 

To duplicate a brand :

  1. From the Brand Manager, mouse-over your chosen publication and click the cog icon to enter the Publication's Settings

  2. From the 'Details' tab, select the kebab menu to expose the 'Duplicate' option

  3. After selecting Duplicate, a confirmation box will appear, click confirm

  4. The duplicate publication will appear in the Brand Manager
  5. Edit the new brand via the settings and change the name


  • It is only possible to duplicate a article based publication. If you require a issue based brand duplicating, please contact us.
  • If the duplicated brand was connected to a publishing channel, we strongly recommend removing / updating the connector credentials to avoid issues that may occur when attempting to sync multiple publications to the same channel

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