Anchor Component

Anchors can be used to allow readers to quickly jump to specific portions of content.  An example of anchor usage would be a 'back to top' anchor at the bottom of a page.

To create an anchor to link to content on the same page:

  1. From the 'Media' list, drag an Anchor component to the part of the content readers will be jumping TO
  2. Select the anchor component and create a unique ID (Note, ID's must start with a character A-Z), such as '#MyAnchor'

  3. To create the link that readers will select to jump to the anchor, highlight a portion of text to expose the text formatting toolbar
  4. Add a hyperlink using the hyperlink icon, and enter your anchor ID: #MyAnchor

To link to an Anchor located in a different article:

  1. Add a hyperlink to the text you want readers to jump from
  2. Instead of simply entering the anchor ID, enter the URL of the article readers will be jumping to, followed by the anchor ID
    1. e.g. : "https://DomainURL/13754/article.html#MyAnchor"
Note: If using multiple anchors on the same page, they must have unique ID's

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