Publishing from WordPress to Canvasflow

The out-of-the-box Canvasflow for WordPress connector provides a quick and simple way to push your Wordpress blog content directly to an existing Canvasflow publication with no programming knowledge required.

When publishing from WordPress to Canvasflow, there are two locations that provide control over how content is published from WordPress, and processed by Canvasflow.

The first location is located within the the settings area of the  Canvasflow for WordPress plugin settings menu.  These settings provide control over how content is pushed from WordPress.  Here it’s possible to manage which publication the plugin will connects to and what the default push settings are set to. 

The second location is located inside your Canvasflow account (server side) and provides control over how content is processed once it is received by Canvasflow.  Here you can determine how the markup of a WordPress article is converted and, if required, excluded from the resulting Canvasflow article.

To begin publishing articles from WordPress to Canvasflow select the appropriate link below:

WordPress for Canvasflow plugin

Click here to learn how to install, configure and use the Canvasflow for WordPress plugin

Canvasflow WordPress connector

Click here to learn how to configure the Canvasflow WordPress connector (server side)

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