Button Component

The button component can be used to create call to actions and link to external content or web pages.

Creating a Button:

  1. Navigate to the style you want to create a button for
  2. Scroll down to the 'Buttons' section
  3. Select '+Create Button'

  4. Assign a name
  5. Select the Paintbrush icon or the Button itself to make changes such as:
    • Size
    • Font
    • Text Size
    • Button Colour
    • Text Colour
    • Letter Spacing
    • Bottom Margin
    • Line height
    • Case
  6. Save and return to the article

Using the Button component

The Button component can be used even without any Buttons saved in the style, but we recommend at least one is created to compliment your typical canvas colour and text format.

Once dragged onto the canvas, select the button to display the properties menu, here you'll have the options for:

  • Style: This is how you apply a button style to your component, select the name of one of the buttons you've created, or 'NONE' for the default appearance

  • Text: The text displayed in the button
  • URL: A web link, anchor link or for some platforms such as Twixl, a 'Custom URL Scheme' link to go to other pieces of content within the app
  • Open In New Window: Choose if when selected, opens the link in a new window, or simply redirects.
  • Alignment: Button alignment to left, center or right
  • Size: With a 'Button Style' selected, the "Use Style" option will inherit whatever option is set within that style. Alternatively select the other options such as Small, Medium, Large.
  • Display On: Select which devices the Button should display on.

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