Connecting to Apple News+

Adding an Apple News connector makes it possible to publish content created in Canvasflow directly to an Apple News publication.

To find your Channel ID, Apple News API and Secret Key:

  1. Log into Apple News Publisher
  2. Navigate to 'Settings' at the top
  3. Select 'Connect CMS' in the sidebar
  4. Select 'Apple News API' and then 'API Key'
  5. Here you'll find your Channel ID, Apple News API Key and Secret Key - which will be used in the next step when adding the Apple News connector.

To add an Apple News connector to Canvasflow:

  1. From the Brand / Publication Manager, select the publication you wish to add a connector to and click the 'settings' button. 
  2. Go to 'Publish Channel' and click the '+' button
  3. Select 'Apple News'
  4. Enter a name for the channel, your Channel ID, API Key and Secret Key

  5. Set "Release articles on Publish" to 'Yes' if you want articles to be made Live for Apple News readers whenever you publish them from Canvasflow, or 'No' if you want the Canvasflow publish function to simply publish as a Draft in Apple News.
  6. Select 'Add Channel', your publication is now connected to Apple News

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