Publishing to Paperlit

Publishing to Paperlit is easy, making use of the HPub filetype (or 'HTML Publication').

If you haven't already, read our docs on Adding a HPub connector.

Preparing and downloading a HPub File from Canvasflow:

  1. Select a cover for the Issue in Canvasflow, this is the cover that will be used once published to Paperlit
  2. Publish all the completed content within the issue, this makes the content eligible to be included in the HPub download - Unpublished content will not be included.
  3. Reorder content to fit the order you want it to be displayed in by using the vertical move icons next to each article
  4. Articles should display in the article manager with either a green publish icon, or orange publish icon if the item has been edited after publish. Content with either of these states will be added to the HPub file.
  5. Select the 'Create HPub' option at the top of the article manager, follow the prompts and the file will begin downloading

To publish a HPub to Paperlit:

  1. Log into your Paperlit dashboard here
  2. Go to 'Content' then 'Add Issue' in your Paperlit dashboard, here you can drop the HPub file you've just downloaded

  3. Enter a name, publish date, and choose 'Universal' (to be shown across all devices) under 'Device Type'

  4. Select 'OK' and wait for the upload to complete.

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