'Publication' and 'Global' Styles

When creating or editing the properties of a Style, there are two 'Types' of Styles available - "Publication", and "Global".

Publication Style

A 'Publication style' is a style that's unique to that one publication, and will only be available to articles within that publication.

This is the default style and the most commonly used, as each publication will usually have entirely unique branding.

Global Style

A 'Global style' is a style that's available to every publication on the account.

This is useful for publications that share branding, for example publications that are the same brand but separated by into different language translations.

Using a Global Style to Duplicate Across Publications

If you have a style that you simply want to copy to another publication, to then edit independently of the original, this is also possible through the Global Style functionality:

  1. Navigate to the Style Manager, set the style that you want to make a copy of 'Global'
  2. Navigate to the publication you want the copy to be created in
  3. Create a new style
  4. Provide a name
  5. Under the 'Build from style' option, select the Style that you just set to Global
  6. Select Ok
  7. You now have a perfect duplicate of the original style
  8. Finally - Navigate back to the Style Manager of the publication the Global style originated from
  9. Change the Global style's 'Type' back to 'Publication'

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