Using the Magic Key

The Magic key is a hotkey available to all Canvasflow users, providing alternate functionality when manipulating content, dependent on the content type. It can be used with new components, or components that already sit on the canvas.

Using it is simple - 

  1. Hold down the Magic Key (CMD on Mac / CTRL on Windows) and drag a component
  2. When the Magic Key is activated, a tooltip will be displayed informing you what action will be performed if the component is dropped.

In the below example, you can see how dragging a component highlights dropzones, until we activate the Magic Key and the highlight and tooltip shows us we can now set the text block to Intro.

Action Regular Result Magic Key Result
Drag Text Component on Canvas Drop the component within line breaks Replace Text Type of existing text components (i.e, change a Subtitle to an Intro)
Drag New Component onto Existing Component Place above or below Replace component
Drag Existing Text Component onto Media Component Swap position Add as Caption if applicable
Drag Image Component onto Image Component Swap position Create a gallery
Drag Existing Text Component Onto Text Component Place in a break Merge text content

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