How to package an InDesign file

Sometimes the Canvasflow team will require InDesign files to be shared to enable us to advise on, or process InDesign files on your behalf.  This guide will show you the right way to package a file using the InDesign Package function.

Why Package InDesign Files?

When sharing anything that has the InDesign file extension, it’s important to have all the elements in their right place. Because of the complexity and variables of an INDD project, sometimes things like fonts and images can get lost during the sharing process. Packaging the files is the solution to this problem as it ensures all assets are included when you share InDesign files.

Step by Step Instructions to Package InDesign Files

  1. Open Adobe InDesign and load the intended INDD file you wish to package.
  2. Make sure all links aren’t broken and are available
  3. Under the ‘File’ menu, select ‘Package

  4. Click the ‘Package’ button on the popup window
  5. Click ‘Continue
  6. Select where you would prefer the file to be packaged to on your computer
  7. Click ‘Package

You can now locate the contents of the packaged file in your newly created folder. From there, you’re able to compress and send the contents to other users.

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