Text to Speech

Canvasflow can automate the production of clear, easy to follow audio files for each article created. 

Note: Text to Speech (TTS) is an additional paid service. Please get in touch for more information.

Enabling Text to Speech:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Publication Manager’
  2. Select the ‘Publication Settings’ cog upon mousing over the chosen publication
  3. Select ‘Publish Channels’
  4. Select ‘Edit’ next to the PWA channel
  5. Ensure TTS is enabled in the PWA Channel configuration page [link to Building a PWA].
  6. Once enabled, publish the issue(s) you wish to generate TTS audio for. The audio files will be automatically generated.


  1. If multi-language is enabled by the current publication, Canvasflow will generate TTS audio files for all enabled languages.

Multi-Language and Text to Speech

The Canvasflow Text to Speech (TTS) service also offers full multi-language support. content can make use of AI automation to both translate content, and also to generate audio files in multiple languages with a high degree of accuracy.


  1. The option to play TTS audio is not displayed when the PWA is in ‘Replica Mode’ and is only shown when content is being viewed in ‘responsive mode’.

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