Working with Multiple Languages

Canvasflow offers native multi-language support for all content created within the platform.  

Using an intuitive and simple to manage UI, Canvasflow allows you to work with multiple language versions of your content, while maintaining a single version of the article (from a layout perspective).  This means you are free to edit the text content of articles to reflect the appropriate language while ensuring the assets and layout remain consistent across all versions.


  1. Multi language publish is currently only supported by the ‘PWA’ and ‘WebPublish’ publish channels.

Adding Additional Languages

  1. Navigate to the ‘Publication Manager’
  2. Click the ‘Settings’ button by hovering over the chosen publication 

  3. Select the 'Languages' tab 

  4. You will see which languages are already enabled for the publication and which existing connectors are using them as default languages
  5. To add a new language(s) check the the appropriate box(s)
  6. Click ‘Save’ to enable the selected languages

Switching Between Languages

When working with multiple languages, it’s simple to switch quickly between them. There are two ways to do this:

Switching from the Article Manager:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Article Manager’
  2. Click the ‘Language menu’ to expose the available languages
  3. Select the language you want to switch to 
  4. The Article Manager will now show only that languages versions


  1. When translating articles manually, you may see * (Asterisks) next to the titles for a articles in a translated language. This indicates that while the content of an article may have been translated, the title has not been translated and is still using the original title. You can manually translate the title by clicking edit details.

Switching from the Article Builder:

  1. From the Article Manager, open an article

  2. Form the navigation toolbar, select the country flag. This list will show all enabled languages. 
  3. Select the language you wish to switch to
  4. he article will switch to the selected language

It is possible to switch between quickly between multiple language versions of articles using this technique. Remember, all assets and layouts remain consistent, you are just managing the content separately 

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