Connecting to Twixl Publisher

Twixl Publisher is a cloud based publishing solution designed to create and publish mobile content applications: create and enrich content, present content in an app, build the app and distribute it either in the app stores or internally within a company.

Connecting a Canvasflow publication to Twixl Publisher:

  1. From the Publications Manager. select the publication you wish to connect and click the 'settings' button. 
  2. Go to 'Publish Channel' and click the '+' button.
  3. Select 'Twixl Publisher' from the list of available channels.
  4. Give your channel a name. (You may find it useful to give it the same name as your Twixl App.)
  5. Enter your App and Admin API key.  You can find your Twixl Publisher API keys here:  (Note: You must be logged into your Twixl Distribution Platform account and inside the app you wish to connect to).
  6. Select the publish option you wish to use.  Your options are:
    • Upload
      If set to ' Upload', publishing from Canvasflow will upload content to your Twixl Distribution account but will not publish to your app.  This setting is useful if you are working with additional Twixl content types and / or you want to administer your publication in Twixl before publishing.
    • Upload & Publish (recommended)
      If set to 'Upload & Publish', publishing will upload your articles to your Twixl Distribution account and  make it available in your app.  This is useful if you are working with Canvasflow generated content only and do not need to amend the content within Twixl Publisher before publishing.

      You can change the publish option at anytime.
  7. Click 'Add Channel'. Both the App & Admin API keys will be validated.
  8. If the API validation is successful the channel will be added to the current publication.  You will now have the option to publish and manage articles with your Twixl Publisher distribution platform from Canvasflow.


  • If the API key validation fails, you will be notified as to the cause of the validation fail.  If you see an error message, please ensure that your API keys are valid and have been entered correctly.

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