Publishing to Cafeyn

To publish to Cafeyn:

  1. Ensure sure your Issue has a ‘Release Date’ set in the ‘Issue Settings. by navigating to the Issue Manager, and selecting the cog button 
  2. Specify a Release Date (this is required for Cafeyn publishing) 

  3. Select 'Update'
  4. Navigate to the ‘Article Manager’ view
  5. Publish all of the articles that are to be part of the Cafeyn issue by selecting the checkboxes and then choosing ‘Publish Selected’ in the toolbar 
  6. Once articles are published, Click the ‘Create Cafeyn’ button in the toolbar 

  7. Once complete, you’ll have downloaded a compiled ZIP, complete with all images and .json file, ready for upload to Cafeyn
  8. Submit to Cafeyn via your usual method

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