XFlow PDF import

Canvasflow's XFlow service can import, process and convert print ready PDF's for use with any connected publish channel.

The XFlow PDF import can process almost any PDF, but for best results please see below for the recommended guidelines.


  • Should be sent as a single, multi-page PDF
  • All pages in a multi-page PDF must be individual pages (no spreads)
  • All pages should be in the correct order
  • Trim-boxes should always be set correctly to display only the relevant page information with no bleed or overlap with the opposite page of the spread
  • Security should not be used
  • Compression is fine


  • All text and fonts should be fully embedded in the PDFs
  • Text should not be flattened, rasterised or paths
  • All text will be extracted as is from the PDFs. If Glyphs or fonts are used that change the look and output of a character, the character will be extracted. This causes some small-caps fonts to be rendered as lower-case for example. Ensure that the characters used are upper-case in these instances, so the extracted text will be upper-case as well.


  • Where possible, flattening of images and/or layers should be avoided so images can be extracted as separate items
  • Down-sampling should be avoided where possible. For file size reasons, some down-sampling is preferred. (Ensuring a crisp look at max 2400px width or height for large images is the goal)
  • 300DPI+ images are preferred as long as the size of the feed does not exceed ~400MB. If the feed exceeds 400MB in size, please down-sample the images to around 150DPI and/ or use better compression

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