xFlow FTP Setup

To deliver PDF files to Canvasflow via FTP, you will require an Access Key ID, a Secret Key and a Remote Path.  This information will be provided to you by a Canvasflow administrator and the two keys must be used together to authenticate requests to the appropriate remote path.

The structure will look similar to the below:

Secret Access Key: 1Sq7abcdCVjcXn/Rq2hP6Cgj2HE+ef+asMjy+vYu
Remote Path: /canvasflow-remote-path

Using FTP/SFTP clients that support Amazon S3

The easiest way to send files to Canvasflow, is to use an FTP/SFTP client that supports Amazon S3. Some examples of compatible clients can be found below, but as long as the ‘FTP client’ is also an ‘S3 client’, connecting will be simple and straight forward:

Compatible Clients

Configuring the client

When configuring the client, you’ll need to enter the details provided to you by a Canvasflow Administrator, making sure to set S3 (or Amazon S3) as the protocol:

Example details:

Protocol: Amazon S3
Address: s3.amazonaws.com
Secret Access Key: 1Sq7qxbqCVjcXn/Rq2hU6Cgj2HE+ef+asMjy+vYu
Remote Path: /canvasflow-remote-path

Note: Ensure you include the ‘/’ in the remote path.

Programmatic (API) Access

Canvasflow also supports programmatic API access.  Please get in touch with our team for more information about programmatic access.

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