Delivering Files via FTP

Canvasflow makes it simple to send PDF files for automatic processing via the xFlow PDF service.

Uploading a PDF

To upload a PDF, first connect to the FTP account provided to you and drop the correctly named PDF into the remote folder - the file will begin to upload.  Depending on the speed of your internet connection, this can take anything from a few seconds to several minutes to complete.

Once the file has completed uploading, it will be picked up for processing.  This will normally occur within a few seconds after a successful upload, but can take longer depending on network activity.  When a file is picked up, it is moved out of the upload folder and into the processing queue, when this occurs, the uploaded PDF will disappear from the upload folder. 

User Permissions

For workflow and security reasons, your user account only has ' write' access to the resource. This means while it is possible to 'upload' files to Canvasflow, it is not possible to 'edit' or 'delete' files.  If a file is uploaded in error, please contact us at

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