Working with Custom Fonts

Once custom / web font(s) have been added to your publication by our support team, they need to be enabled within the publication and applied to an active style.

Enabling custom fonts

To select which fonts are available to use:

  1. From the Publication Manager, select the publication you want to work on.
  2. Hover the publication and click the 'Settings' button 

  3. From the menu select the 'Fonts' tab.

  4. Select the fonts you wish to use, keeping in mind that the number of fonts activated can impact performance.

  5. Click Save to enable the selected fonts.

Adding custom fonts to a style

To begin using your new fonts once activated in the publication:

  1. Navigate to the 'Styles Menu' from the Article Manager toolbar (or the 'Style Menu' from within the Article Builder).
  2. Select 'Edit' on your chosen style.
  3. Select a text component, this will display the component properties.
  4. From the properties, select the 'Font' menu and select the custom font.  All custom fonts will be located at the bottom of the fonts menu. This is also where you can add your Font Style Variants
  5. Save the style 


  • Custom fonts are managed on a per publication basis and there are no limit to the number of fonts your publication can have installed.
  • To ensure your publication remains optimised, we strongly suggest that you enable only the custom fonts that are actively being used in a publication.
  • If a custom font is selected, all articles using the style will include the font. To ensure optimum performance, please enable (tick) only fonts that you wish to actively use within your publication.

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