Font Style Variants

Font variants provide a way to specify the font family for different text types - Bold, Italic, and BoldItalic.

For example, a Subtitle component in ‘Style 1’ is set to use the ‘Roboto-Thin’ font. If content within this component is bolded (from the Article Editor), rather than letting the browser apply a pseudo bold, it is possible to instruct the system to use the ‘Roboto-Bold’ font. 

To set Font Variants:

  1. Within the 'Style Editor' of your chosen Style
  2. Select a Text Component
  3. In the properties panel, specify the Bold, Italic and BoldItalic font variants

To add custom fonts to your publication please read our help documentation here.

The purpose of this functionality is to avoid faux browser styles which typically produce poor results on some browsers. It’s strongly recommended that unless basic web safe fonts (Arial, Times new roman etc) are being used, a specific font is set for ‘ Bold’, ‘ Italic’ and ‘ BoldItalic’ font variant family fields.

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