Customise Publication Colours

To allow adherence to brand guidelines, Canvasflow provides the option to customise the colour palette used for text formatting. 

To edit / add a colour:

  1. Navigate to the Publication Manager
  2. Hover over the publication you want to assign colours to
  3. Select the gear icon to enter the Publication Settings

  4. Select the 'Colours' menu tab
  5. Select one of the colour blocks and using the HEX Colour menu beneath, enter the HEX value of the colour you wish to add.
  6. Click 'Update'
  7. Your new colour can now be found in the text formatting menu in the article editor

Finding HEX Value of Colours

Any design program such as Photoshop or InDesign will provide a HEX value for colours, alternatively you can use  HTMLColorCodes Colour Picker.

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