Linking To Hidden Content

There are times when you may want to link to a content item, but not have that content item accessible in any other way. The process to do this is as follows:

  1. Within Twixl, create a new Cell Style named for example, 'HiddenContent'.
  2. Change the structure of the cell style so it has 0 columns, and 0 rows, across Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop, then Save.

  3. From Canvasflow, add the content you wish to be hidden, or edit existing content, and apply the 'HiddenContent' cell style from the Edit menu.

  4. We recommend creating a 'HiddenCollection'  Twixl Collection purely to store content that will only be accessible via links, this helps keep your publication organised. This collection should also use the 'HiddenContent' cell style.
  5. Move the content item into 'HiddenCollection'
  6. Navigate to the article you'd like the link to be placed
  7. Highlight the text that you'll use to link from to bring up the text formatting tool
  8. Select the hyperlink icon
  9. Under 'URL', enter "tp-collection://TWIXL-COLLECTION-NAME/TWIXL-ARTICLE-NAME"

  10. For 'TWIXL-COLLECTION-NAME' and 'TWIXL-ARTICLE-NAME', these can be found by navigating to the collection and article via the Twixl Distribution Platform, and are alphanumeric ID's (Not 'Titles')

Any published content using the 'HiddenContent' cell style will now publish to Twixl just like any other content, but will not be visible on the front end.

Although not recommended, if you would like to place hidden content into the same collection as the article you're linking from, you can use 'tp-pagelink://articlename' instead, and bypass the use of a Hidden Collection.

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