Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication is available on every Canvasflow account. This secures your account so that even if your password is compromised, any login request will require a code from an authentication app on your personal mobile device.

To set up Two Factor Authentication:

  1. Download a Mobile Authenticator app on your mobile device, there are many options, though Google Authenticator (Android, iOS) and Authy (Android, iOS) are the most popular choices.
  2. Once logged into Canvasflow, select your profile name at the top right
  3. Within Profile Settings, navigate to '2FA' 

  4. Select 'Enable 2FA'
  5. Here you'll be given a QR code to scan with your mobile device - open the authenticator app, select the QR code scanner, and scan the code on-screen.

Logging in with Two Factor Authentication:

  1. Once you enter your email and password, you'll be prompted to enter your Two Factor Authentication code
  2. Open the app on your mobile device

  3. Enter the Code shown for Canvasflow

Disabling Two Factor Authentication

  1. Navigate to '2FA' in your Profile Settings
  2. Select 'Disable 2FA'

If you've lost access to your mobile authenticator and cannot log in to Canvasflow, please contact

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