Duplicating a Style

Styles can easily be duplicated, so that it's easy to have multiple styles with slight variations.

Duplicating a style:

  1. From the Style Manager create a new style
  2. Provide a name, and under 'Source', select 'Copy From'
  3. In the 'Existing Style' dropdown, select the Style you want to copy from 

This will build your new style from the selected style - providing an exact replica.

Duplicating styles across publications

If you want to create a duplicate of a style, but place it within a different publication, we have to make use of the Style 'Type' function which is fully explained here. If you're already familiar with Style Type's, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Style Manager, set the style that you want to make a copy of to 'Global'
  2. Navigate to the publication you want the copy to be created in
  3. Create a new style
  4. Provide a name
  5. Under the 'Source' option, select 'Copy From', then select the Style that you just set to Global
  6. Select Ok
  7. You now have a perfect duplicate of the original style
  8. Finally - Navigate back to the Style Manager of the publication the Global style originated from
  9. Change the Global style's 'Scope' back to 'Publication'

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