Installing the InDesign Plugin (Windows)

To install the Canvasflow InDesign Plugin:

  1. Install "ImageMagick" (the first Windows release - eg: ImageMagick-7.0.8-68-Q16-x64-dll.exe)
  2. Install "GhostScript"
  3. Download Canvasflow.jsx
  4. Place the file inside the path:

    C:\Program Files\Adobe InDesign CC 2019\Scripts\startup scripts
  5. Run the following command in a Command window:

    cd %userprofile% & mkdir cf-indesign & cd cf-indesign & type nul > canvasflow_resize.bat & type nul > canvasflow_convert.bat
  6. Open InDesign
  7. Select Settings
  8. Enter your API key and click 'Validate'
  9. Select the Publication Name you wish to publish to and complete the other fields
  10. Click 'Save'

For more details on working with the InDesign plugin, please refer to our Using the InDesign Plugin help doc.

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