Using the InDesign Plugin

Once the InDesign plugin is installed, using either the Windows or MacOS methods detailed, a new 'Canvasflow' menu will appear in InDesign:

Configuring Settings

The Canvasflow plugin has a number of options which can be customised to meet your requirements.  Typically these can be set once and forgotten or, if required, changed on a per publish basis.

  • Endpoint: Publish content to Production or Development
  • API Key: The Canvasflow API Key provided to you. When a new API key is added, Validation is required using the button shown
  • Publication: The name of the publication you wish to publish to
  • Issue: The name of the issue you wish to publish to (If connected to a issue based publication)
  • Use Preview Images: If links to the images used are broken, enabling this setting will force Canvasflow to use the preview images generated by InDesign.
  • Article Creation: With 'Document' selected, the entire InDesign file will be published to Canvasflow in a single article. With 'Page' selected, each InDesign page will be created as a separate article.
  • Style: The Canvasflow style to apply when the article is created
  • Pages: Specify which pages of the InDesign document to publish. An example syntax for this is 1, 4, 7 or 3-6.  If no value is entered, all pages will be processed.  Please note, the plugin does not currently support a combination of both comma delimited and value ranges (ie. 3,6,8-11)

Publishing from InDesign

Once the plugin has been configured, articles can be published to Canvasflow using the Publish option in the menu. To do this:

  1. Open the InDesign article you wish to publish and ensure the article is saved.
  2. From the Canvasflow menu, select 'Publish'.
  3. The plugin will begin processing the InDesign article.  Depending on the size and complexity of the InDesign file, this may take some time.
  4. Once the article has been processed, a confirmation prompt will be displayed:

  5. Click OK to proceed.  The article will be published to your Canvasflow account.  Depending on the size of the InDesign file, this may take some time.
  6. Once complete, an alert will appear confirming the article has published successfully.  
  7. Switch to your Canvaflow account to view the published article(s).

Image Optimisation

Images published from InDesign are optimised by Canvasflow as part of the publishing process. This process, along with other content optimisations can easily result in an InDesign files over 1.2GB, outputting to a Canvasflow article of less than 10mb.

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