Installing the InDesign Plugin (MacOS)

To install the 'Canvasflow for InDesign' plugin on MacOS:

  1. Download the latest 'Canvasflow.jsx' (this will be provided to you)
  2. Place the 'Canvasflow.jsx' file inside the startup scripts folder, i.e.

    '/Applications/Adobe InDesign CC 2019/Scripts/startup scripts'
  3. Open a Terminal.  By default you can find this in your 'Applications' folder, then open 'Utilities' and double-click 'Terminal'
  4. Run the following command:

    mkdir -p ~/cf-indesign && touch ~/cf-indesign/canvasflow_resize.command && chmod +x ~/cf-indesign/canvasflow_resize.command && touch ~/cf-indesign/canvasflow_convert.command && chmod +x ~/cf-indesign/canvasflow_convert.command
  5. Open InDesign
  6. From the 'Canvasflow' Menu, select 'Settings'
  7. Select the appropriate config settings
  8. Click 'Ok' to save

For more details on working with the InDesign plugin, please refer to our Using the InDesign Plugin help doc.

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