Changing Existing Text Component Type

It's possible to change an existing text component which has been already placed on the canvas.  This feature removes the need to cut and paste content in order to change the component type.

For example, it may be that a ' Heading' component needs to be changed to a 'Subtitle', or that a particular 'Paragraph' needs to become a 'Intro'.

To change the style of an existing text component

  1. Access the article you wish to make the change to. 
  2. From the component panel, click 'Heading' component menu.  This will display the available text components.
  3. Find the text component style that you wish to replace the existing text component with.
  4. Drag in the new text component onto an already placed text component and release the mouse button.  The existing component will be changed to the new component type, while preserving the existing content.


  • Updating the style of an existing component is only applicable for text components.  If a text component is dropped onto a non-text component, the existing component will be replaced with the new text component.

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