Publishing to Twixl

When connected to Twixl, Canvasflow automatically tracks the status of all articles.  Articles can exist in 1 of 3 states which are illustrated by the colour of publish button in the article manager.

Publish States

The three possible articles states are:

Unpublished  - These articles have been created in Canvasflow but do not currently exist on the Twixl platform.  This is either because the article was never published, or the article has been unpublished at some point.  Unpublished articles will always appear at the very bottom of the article manager in the -- Unpublished Articles -- section.

Published (in sync) - These articles are live on Twixl, and the version in Canvasflow matches the version on Twixl.

Published (out of sync) - These articles have been created in Canvasflow, but an older version currently exists on the Twixl Platform. This is often the case when published content has been updated in Canvasflow but has not yet been re-published to Twixl to update the live version.

From top to bottom: Published, Published (out of sync), Unpublished.

Publishing articles into a Twixl Collection

Articles can be published directly into a Collection, since content will be published wherever you've navigated to. As an example, if you navigate into a collection, and then publish an article, that article will be published into the collection, as shown below:


To make use of custom thumbnails, the thumbnail must be uploaded to an article after it's been published to Twixl. If no thumbnail is selected, Twixl will use the first image in the article as the default thumbnail.

To add a thumbnail:

  1. Find the content you want to add a thumbnail to
  2. Select the Edit menu referenced by the spanner icon
  3. Select 'Change Thumbnail' and select the image

Applying Twixl Cell Styles

A full explanation of Working with Cell Styles can be found on the Twixl support page here

Documentation on changing the cell style of an article in Canvasflow can be found here.

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