Creating a Snippet

Snippets are very similar to templates but with the advantage of being able to be used in existing articles (or templates).

Snippets offer the ability to create combinations of content that can be reused multiple times, removing the need to have to create the individual components each time. 

Creating a Snippet

Creating a snippet is done in the same way as creating a template. There's now a new option to, instead of creating a template, create a snippet:

  • Snippet: Can only be used as a snippet, cannot be used to create articles. Will appear in the snippets tab of the article builder.
  • Template: Can only be used as a template to create articles. Will not appear in the snippets tab of the article builder.

The main reason for differentiating between what's a Snippet and a Template is to keep the snippets tab in the article builder organised, especially useful if you have a large number of templates that you don't want to be visible as Snippets.

Here's a full of explanation of how to create a template, and how to build a template, which are also applicable to Snippets.

Using a Snippet

Using the snippets tab in the components list, all snippets available to the publication will be visible.

Dragging a snippet onto the canvas will drop the entire content of the template onto the canvas and inherit the articles styling.

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