Working with Text Components

The Text Component section within the article builder is made up of pre-formatted text items including Headline, Subtitle, Paragraph and Blockquote and many more. Once placed onto the canvas, content can be typed or pasted into the component. 

The overall look and feel of these text components is defined by the style currently applied to the article. In most cases the applied style will ensure the content looks and feels as you require, however it is possible for content to be further customised from within the article builder.

Customising inline content 

  1. Highlight the text you'd like to format. 

  2. A text editor toolbar will appear which will allow you to apply the following inline styling:
    • Colour (Background and text) The colour palette can be customised via publication settings
    • Bold
    • Italic
    • Underline
    • Superscript & Subscript
    • Special Characters
    • Remove formatting
    • Ordered and unordered lists
    • Alignment
    • Indent & outdent
    • Link
      • To link to a webpage simple select the Link icon and enter the URL. Alternatively, with some platforms such as Twixl, you can link to other pieces of content within an app using Custom URL Schemes

To change font style, padding and other text styles you can edit the style being applied to the article. Alternatively, you can use a Custom Style Block if you require part of your article to have different text formatting to the main article body.

To change the colour pallet available when in-line formatting text, check our Customising Publication Colors article.

Splitting Text Components

Text components can be split by adding a break - especially useful for when pasting in large amount of content but wanting to separate sections for better styling control or to add additional components such as Subtitles or Images.

Once a break is created in a body of text, a new drop-location can be seen when dragging a component into that break, as demonstrated:

Note: Once a text component has been split it cannot be rejoined and becomes an individual component.

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