Building a Style

In Canvasflow, 'Styles' are used to control how components and the canvas appear. 

'Style 1' for example, might have a dark blue canvas with 'Title' and 'Subtitle' components set to white and the 'Paragraph' set to light grey,

Once a style is created it can be reused or applied to multiple articles or templates, helping to ensure your content remains consistent and follow brand guidelines across your entire publication.

The 'Style Manager' can be accessed via the secondary toolbar from within a publication. A full help document on the Style Manager can be found here.

When creating an article or a template you'll be asked to specify a style (this can be changed later), so once a style has been set up it can be used again and again. From within an article or template, you can freely change which style is attached to it, as well as edit a chosen style, using the style option in the toolbar.

Building a style

  1. Create a new style from the Style Manager using the + icon.
  2. Click the style to edit to access to style building interface.
  3. To edit the style's canvas (padding and background colour) select the edit icon on the text block.
  4. To edit text components, click on each individual component.  The available properties for each component will appear on the left bar and can be customised.
  5. To edit an image component click on the image itself.
    1. To edit an image's credits, click on the line below.

All components within an article will inherit the chosen style's properties. To include sections which differ from the applied style, see the ' working Custom Style Blocks'.

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