Template Manager Overview

Templates can be used used to quickly create new articles with a consistent structure, style and static content such as headings or footer content. Within the Template Manager you can also create and manage Snippets - a great way to create content that will be reused regularly, so it can be added to existing articles.

The 'Template Manager' can be accessed via menu bar once inside a publication.
Creating multiple templates and snippets are useful when you have different but consistent types of article content you plan on creating frequently. 
The Template manager allows you to:
  • Create new Template or Snippet (using the + button).
  • Customising the style of an existing Template or the content of an existing Snippet. This can be done using the 'options' button or from within the template builder.
  • Rename, edit or delete Templates and Snippets. This can be done using the 'options' button.
  • Duplicate Templates or Snippets

When creating a new template, you must select an existing style to associate to the template. This can be changed at any time via the 'options' button or from within the template builder.

You can find our documentation on creating a Template here, and documentation on creating a Snippet here.

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