Releasing & Deactivating Issues

Releasing / activating an issue:

Once content is ready for release, the issue must be activated or ‘released’ for it to become publicly available in the PWA.  This can be done by:
  1. Navigating to the Article Manager of the issue to be released
  2. From the toolbar, click the ‘Release Issue’ button. 
  3. Click Confirm
  4. Click ‘Release’ the issue.  The issue is now visible in the PWA.

Deactivating an issue:

It is also possible to deactivate or ‘hide’ an issue that is currently public.  This can be done by:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Article Manager’ of the Issue to be deactivated
  2. From the toolbar, note the icon signifying the status of the issue
  3. Click to Deactivate the issue.  

  4. Click ‘Confirm’
  5. This will immediately remove the issue from the PWA and the option will now be available to 'Activate': 

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