Deleting a PWA

Deleting a PWA:

  1. From the Publication Manager select the cog icon on the publication PWA publication to enter Publication Settings
  2. Under ‘Publish Channels’ select the edit menu 

  3. Click 'Delete' and confirm the prompt
  4. The PWA delete process will begin.
  5. The PWA will be now be removed along with the DNS entries and all assets tied to the PWA will be deleted


  • Deleting a PWA can take up to 5 minutes to complete, during which time the app will still be publicly accessible.
  • Deleting a PWA is permanent action and cannot be reversed
  • Deleting a PWA DOES NOT delete or affect content in your Canvasflow account
  • It is possible to ‘pause’ a PWA. Please contact support (link) for more information.

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