Using the Hamburger Menu

Canvasflow supports the Twixl Hamburger Menu making it simple to add and amend hamburger menu items for each publication connected to a Twixl App.

The Hamburger Menu options can be found in the Article Manager of a publication:

Enabling the Hamburger menu

To make use of the hamburger menu options, it must first be enabled for the app via the Twixl Distribution Platform:

  1. Log into your Twixl Distribution Account and select the appropriate app.
  2. From Application Home select the drop-down and choose 'Edit Application'.
  3. Scroll down to 'Hamburger Menu'.
  4. Check the box 'Use Hamburger Menu'.
  5. Click 'Save'.

Adding Hamburger menu items

  • From the Hamburger Menu options page select 'Create Hamburger Menu item'.
  • Currently three types of items can be added:
    • Collection Link: Link to specific collection using the drop down menu.
    • Placeholder: Allows an image to be added, such as a header image for the hamburger menu.
    • Web Link.

Reordering Hamburger Menu items

To reorder the items in the Hamburger Menu click and drag on the move icon found next to each item.  The new order will be immediately reflected in your Twixl app.


  • All changes made to the hamburger menu will immediately be reflected in your app, without the need to publish.

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