Image Component

Selecting an image component displays the image properties tab, the following properties are editable:

Add Image

Upload an image and insert into the image component.


Using the crop icon on the image thumbnail, access the cropping feature.

Open In New Window

If a link is attached to the image, choose whether selecting the image will open the link in a new window, or simply redirect.


Add a caption to an image, such as crediting the creator.


Choose from a list of Instragram filters to enhance your image. Learn more about filters here.

Full Bleed

Fits the image to the full width of the page, removing padding.


Images uploaded to Canvasflow (over 2048px) are automatically optimised. Enabling the ' RAW' image feature forces Canvasflow to use the original, un-optimised file.

Force Full Width

Enlarge an image to ensure it fits the entire width of the device it's being seen on. If the image is significantly smaller than the max width of the article, some pixelation may occur when using this property.

Make Unselectable

Change whether the image is selectable in the final article. ( Note: Only applicable when connected to a Pugpig Publish channel).

Fixed Width

Control over resizing an image based on width. ( Note: Setting a fixed width larger than the raw image size may cause pixelation).

Display On Device

The 'Display' On option allows you to choose which devices the component will be displayed on, by default it will be displayed on mobile, tablet and desktop.

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