Video Component

A video can be embedded using a video code or via uploading a video file:

Web Video / Movie

Web Video requires a code, simply paste the full url, ID, or embed code of a Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, or Vidyard video into the box.  The movie option allows you to upload a video file

Aspect Ratio

Controls the aspect ratio the video will be displayed as.

Poster Image

A poster image can be uploaded, this will be shown as the default frame in the article before a video is played. Note: This option is only available for uploaded videos.

Show Suggested Videos

Choose whether suggested videos are shown after the video is finished, supported by platforms such as Vimeo and Youtube

Full Bleed

Fits the video to the full width of the page, removing padding


Allows the video to be credited to it's creator, shown in the bottom right


Allows a text snippet to be shown underneath the video

Display On Device

The 'Display' On option allows you to choose which devices the component will be displayed on, by default it will be displayed on mobile, tablet and desktop

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