Gallery Component

A gallery component allows multiple images to be displayed using a slide effect. 


Dictates how fast the gallery transitions from image to image.


With Autoplay enabled, the gallery will begin transitioning from image to image as soon as it's viewed. When disabled, readers will have to scroll manually.


  • Slide: Images slide from left to right when transitioning
  • Fade: Images Fade when transitioning


With 'Slide' selected, the Direction options allows the choice between a horizontal left to right transition, or a vertical top to bottom transition.

Aspect Ratio

The Aspect Ratio option provides a way to easily identify the aspect ratio of multiple images in a gallery.  Once images have been added and an aspect ratio selected, a warning notification will appear next to the upload image if the aspect ratio value doesn't match the upload image.

  • Once an aspect ratio is selected, clicking the 'Crop' button next to the image will display the cropping tool. The default crop size provided will be that of the selected Aspect Ratio value.


  • Using 'Gallery Caption' will add a caption to the entire gallery. Select the slider and enter your text into the box provide
  • To add a caption to each individual image, select the speech bubble button next to the image in the upload list. A prompt will appear, add the caption content required and click ok, repeat for each slide

Image Ordering

To change the order of the images in the slide, click and drag the image using the placement button

Full Bleed

Fits the component to the full width of the page, removing padding

Display On Device

The 'Display' On option allows you to choose which devices the gallery will be displayed on, by default it will be displayed on mobile, tablet and desktop

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