Inline Styles

Inline Styles are a way to apply different styles to specific portions of an article.

Working example: An article contains a section a Profile section on a prominent figure in your industry, this section needs to stand out and have a border, a different background colour to the wider article, and slightly altered text styling. The simplest way to do this would be to create an Inline style, and apply that style to the column component the Profile section sits in.

To create an Inline Style:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Style Manager’
  2. Select the ‘Add New’ option
  3. From the ‘Type’ dropdown, select ‘Inline’ 

To edit an Inline Style:

  1. Enter the ‘Style Editor’ of the Inline Style through the ‘Style Manager’
  2. Just like ‘Inherited Styles’, properties of each component such as the text colour and size, will be greyed out. These properties will be inherited from the style applied to the article this Inline Style is used in
  3. To edit a property, just click and drag a slider or a drop down menu and set the new value  

To apply an Inline Style:

  1. From within the ‘Article Editor’, add a Column component and fill with the content that requires the Inline Styling
  2. Hover over the component and select the ‘Edit’ icon to see the Column properties
  3. Then navigate to the Inline Style section and select the style from the dropdown to apply 

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